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Your beauty and life style zone

During her extensive travel in western countries, Angel Siu was inspired by the passion for quality and healthy life, and the spirit from the nature. This lifestyle is actually not different from the place where we live, which is Hong Kong, China and the neighbourhood. Therefore angelina8 was founded, aiming to create a place where our east side of the world can find carefully selected high-quality products as well as social sustainable lifestyle ideas from the west part of the world. We want to share stories of what we picked or just a piece of article to enjoy for leisure. angelina is Western and the number 8 is typical Eastern. 

Living and Gifting

angelina8 is in creation as an online platform supported by social media, online e-commerce and offline channels offering consumers with high quality, Asian touch, fashionable or innovative living and gifting products and ideas. Gifting is a lifestyle. What is the best of gifting? It must not be wrong to “gift” something for the purpose of beauty, and now the right gifts can be found in our selected base of products! 

Best For You and For the Earth

angelina8 cares. We care about what is best for the body and people's health, as well as what is the best for the enironment and for the wildlives. Therefore we selected carefully products and ways of living that are natrual, green and environmentally friendly. 

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